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  • Do not ever touch your piercing with dirty hands
  • Do not use drugs during the healing period
  • No oral sex and kissing for at least two weeks
  • In case of any problem contact your piercer immediately

Cleaning of tongue piercing:

Do not eat for 8 hours after the aplication. Do not smoke for 24 hours after the aplication and try to reduce smoking as much as possible. Buy any kind of mouthwash and rinse your mouth at least three times a day for two or three weeks. Rinse your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds (or as recommended). Any other kind of cleaning always discuss with the piercer. Any manipulation with piercing requires perfectly clean hands. You can also support the healing by taking an extra dosage of vitamin C and zink for one month.

Healing of tongue piercing:

Few hours after the application the tongue swells. This may take usually 5 to 7 days. Because of the swollen tongue it is necessary to have a longer stud (barbell) in your tongue piercing. This jewellery will be replaced for another one with the shorter stud for your comfort after 3 weeks. Do not play with your tongue jewellery between your teeths because the metal balls may cause a damage to them. If you do this and the metal balls are often in contact with your teeth then we strongly recommend you to change the metal balls for the acrylic ones. Every once a while tighten your jewellery balls to make sure you do not swallow it. Even in case this happens you do not have to worry, it will not harm you.

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