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  • Do not ever touch your piercing with dirty hands
  • Stay away from swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi or sunbath studios for at least one month
  • Do not wear too tight clothes over the piercing area, wear loose and comfortable fashion to reduce the mechanical irritation of the piercing
  • Do not use drugs during the healing period
  • In case of any problem contact your piercing immediately

Cleaning of the piercing:

Buy any kind of antibacterial soap (Protex for example – solid or liquid) and the natural sea salt (the best one is the Dead sea salt). Mix one tea spoon of salt with 1dcl of water (make fresh solution every day) and use the cotton stick to clean the wound with and move the piercing jewellery back and forth to get the solution into the piercing. Do this procedure 6 times a day for one month and 3 times a day next twoo months. Wash your piercing with antibacterial soap. Make sure that the soap gets inside the piercing by moving the jewellery back and forth and let it work for few minutes, then rinse it throughly to make sure that the soap is completely washed away from the wound. Any manipulation with piercing requires perfectly clean hands!

Healing of the piercing:

Soon after the aplication the greenish or yelowish secretion from the wound may occur. This is the normal healing process not an infection. Do not start to use any antibiotics. The skin around the piercing may get red and may start to peel off slightly. Piercing is the most sensitive for the first twoo weeks, after this time the cleaning of your piercing should have been much less painfull. If the pain resists after twoo weeks, the wound starts to swell and the secretion is stronger, then it means that something goes wrong and in that case we strongly recommend to contact the piercer for an advise (possible inflammation).

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